Friday, March 30, 2007


DJ/ RUPTURE: Low Income Tomorrowland (Tax, 2005)

1a) Filastine - Judas Goat
1b) dead prez - It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop
2a) M.I.A. - Pull Up The People (D'Explicit Remix)
2b) East Connection - We're Ready (Wiley Devil Mix)
2c) Lewi White - 1 & All
3a) Crime Mob - Stilettos
3b) Pandoras Box - Unknown
4a) DJ Class - Tear The Club Up
4b) Bone Crusher - Never Scared
5) Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
6) Sizzla - Got It Right Here (50 Cent Blend)
7a) Bong-Ra - Murder You (Ruff Inna Jungle Remix)
7b) Junior Byles - Fade Away (Version)
8a) Jahba - Bush Is A Pussycloth
8b) Krumble - Backward Country Boy Explosion
9a) Malica - Special Request
9b) Rotator - Dissident Sound Maniak
10a) DJ Technics - Jungle Joint
10b) David Banner - Crank It Up
10c) Team Shadetek - Two And A Half Months
11) Tracy Chapman - Behind The Wall

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